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⚠️ To our deep regret, your Creativs tool is no longer maintained, development and support have stopped.


Efficient collaboration

Today the collaboration with the customer is done by mail, by powerpoint annotations (...) and by sending dozens of versioned files.

Using Creativs means having a clear file architecture and contextualized annotation tools. It means saving time and avoiding misunderstandings!

Transparent project monitoring

It's so easy to get lost in the different versions and client requests...

Using Creativs means having a detailled trace of project events, and a precise control of client requests.


Contextualized annotations

From the feedback page, annotate the creation with thread messages or drawings. Follow up on the clients request's progress by adding a status for each one.

Project versionning

Keep track of every version of the project, including the requests and modifications done through time.

Structured project

Creativs is also a way to organize your mutual workspace with your customers. It is structured by project, document, proposal and version. All available from one place.

Share your timeline

Creativs provides a calendar that allows you to break down each project in stages, possibly combined with rules and contracts to be respected by your clients. This is the key to more transparency!


Creativs is currently in free beta.

There is no limit to the number of projects or collaborators you can invite!

Building a useful and efficient service for creative people is at the heart of our ambitions, that's why we count on all your feedback!

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